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Knower Meditation: Meet Your True Self

Shelley Astrof

Course Description

Embark on a transformative journey to meet your true self through the profound practice of Knower Meditation.

In this class, we’ll explore the philosophy and techniques of Knower Meditation and explore its incredible timeless wisdom and modern relevance.

We’ll pierce through the veil of the human condition and unravel the layers of consciousness as we immerse ourselves in meditation practices that connect us deeply with our true self, the Knower—the unbound, eternal essence within.

Together, let’s close our eyes in meditation as we open our inner eye to our own true nature—our inner guidance, which is the Knower of who we truly are.

Follow each session with the downloadable PDF Class Booklet designed to enrich your exploration of the Knower within.

I invite you to venture on this enlightening journey to explore the depths of consciousness and connect with your true essence beyond the changing facets of life. Meet your True Self, the Knower, and embrace a newfound sense of awareness, freedom, and inner peace.


LESSON 1 – Welcome, What Changes and What Doesn’t Change? What is Meditation? Breath Awareness Meditation
LESSON 2 – The Mind, The Four States of Consciousness—the Waking, Dream and Deep Sleep States, Mind Awareness Meditation
LESSON 3 – The Fourth State, Knower Awareness Meditation, Epilogue

Course Author:

Shelley Astrof

Shelley Astrof’s journey has been a tapestry of meditation, education, and ancient Indian scriptures. Her unique approach to meditation is attributed to her spending over four decades alongside a great teacher of Meditation in the Himalayas.

She earned a Doctor of Meditation and a Master of Education degree. She delved deeper into her passion for meditation by obtaining a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Yog Science, Vedant Philosophy, and the Theory and Practice of Meditation. She was also awarded the title of Peace Pioneer.

As a true enthusiast of meditation and Vedant philosophy, she teaches courses on Knower Meditation and the Bhagavad Gita.

Downlod Booklet

Click the PDF icon to download the course booklet.

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