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Brave Kids
Short Stories to Inspire Our Future World-Changers 2

Building on the success of our first collaboration, this new collection of short stories offers a fresh perspective on the issues shaping our children's world today.

Twenty-four passionate healers, coaches, teachers, and therapists unite to share their wisdom and experiences, igniting hope and empowerment in young minds.

Through humour, emotion, and profound insights into human nature, these stories entertain, educate, and inspire.

'Brave Kids: Short Stories to Inspire our Future World Changers, Volume 2' is more than just a book—it's a catalyst for growth, understanding, and positive change in the hearts and minds of our future leaders. Join us as we shape a brighter tomorrow, one story at a time."

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Chapter 8 - Bunder and Muggetrmuch:

A Unique Friendship Between

a Monkey and a Crocodile.

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Brave Kids
Short Stories to Inspire Our Future World-Changers

This inspiring new collaboration of short stories provides a fresh look at relevant issues facing our children today.

Twenty-four healers, guides, coaches, teachers, and therapists have come together to share their wisdom and experiences with the coming generation.

Some stories will make you laugh out loud, and some will bring tears to your eyes. And some reveal a deep knowledge of human nature.

All the stories will entertain, teach, and offer pearls of wisdom, giving you and your child something to think about, ponder, share, and discuss with each other.

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Sacred Death Cover.jpeg

Sacred Death 


This book is going to change the way you think ... about a lot of things.

In this incredible collaboration, 25 healers, guides, coaches and practitioners talk about life and death and immortality. 

Each one tells their powerful story of how they transformed their grief and loss into joy and a celebration of life.

I am so proud to be among these amazing authors in this outstanding book. I contributed chapter 9 "Immortality is Your True Home, Meditaion on The Knower Can Get You There."

These are The Tools from Chapter 9, Immortality is Your True Home, Meditation on The Knower Can Get You There.

The Ultimate Guide To Self-Healing Techn

The Ultimate Guide To Self-Healing Techniques is an incredible collaboration of healers, guides, coaches and practitioners.

Each author has shared their story, wisdom, expertise and healing vibrations.

This comprehensive book, filled with 25 powerful holistic practices, is easy to use and target your health and well-being.

It’s everything you need at your fingertips to become your very best YOU!

I am so proud to be among these amazing authors in this outstanding book. 

These are the Knower Meditations from Chapter 6, Simple Meditation.

Knower Meditation on Memory

00:00 / 02:19

Knower Meditation on Thoughts

00:00 / 02:04

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