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The Knower Curriculum is a specifically designed collection of subjects for teaching meditation and conscious awareness to school-age children (5-12 years of age). It is based on decades of research in education, meditation and yoga disciplines as well as the study of the Knower (inner conscious awareness and intelligence) and years of collecting insightful stories. The Knower Curriculum has a companion story/colouring book for children called Timeless Tales.The main subjects are meditation, philosophy and yoga disciplines, which include breath (pranayama), sound (mantra) and body (hatha yoga). Also included is a large selection of games and activities. All of the above subjects are showcased on the backdrop of nine insightful stories (Timeless Tales) with nine specific themes.This unique approach to education is geared towards helping students develop well-rounded skills to build a strong foundation for success in school and in life.The book is divided into two parts:Part 1: Curriculum and Instruction This section presents the theory and practice of meditation and yoga. The philosophy is described in terms of the mind, the Knower and meditation. The yoga disciplines—pranayama (breath), mantra (sound) and hatha yoga (body)—are presented and there is also a large selection of games and activities. Part 2: The Play of Words, Implementation This section consists of nine insightful stories called Timeless Tales. Each tale is paired with a lesson to highlight its specific theme. Each lesson consists of a theme, a selection of discussion ideas and questions, definitions of pertinent words, ideas for meditation, breath exercises, sound and body awareness, and activities and games. All the supplementary activities support and enhance the theme of each story. The themes of the Timeless Tales include such topics as remaining alert, destiny, dealing with criticism, friendship, the power of thought, habits, expanding awareness, truth and lies, and the mind’s perspective.This curriculum is easy to implement and include in a classroom setting. It is a well-rounded pedagogical approach to education that considers the whole child as a developing being. As a result, an environment conducive to sharpening the cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills of the students is created in the classroom.This unique approach to education will help children develop the ability to watch and examine their minds. They will learn to have confidence and flexibility in their decisions, independence in their thinking, discrimination in their judgement and impeccability in their actions. They will have the courage to make proper choices so that they can live a happier, healthier and more joyful life. This is the precious gift of The Knower Curriculum.Enjoy!

The Knower Curriculum

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