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As caring parents and teachers, you want to relax and not worry about your children. You can't control all the situations they may find themselves in, like the influence and pressure of bad company. But through meditation, you can enlighten your children to their inner sense of Self-awareness, the Knower, their internal guidance system that operates for their well-being.

"The Knower Curriculum" gives you the tools to awaken the Knower in your children, so they may be able to choose their own well-being. Give your children the confidence, strength and discrimination they need to make proper choices so they can choose to live a happier, healthier and more joy-filled life.

Build confidence in your children today.

Give them the gift of Smile Meditation.

Activities from The Knower Curriculum


This is a private online club where you and your child can learn powerful tools to build self-confidence and feel empowered. You’ll have a limitless toolkit that guides you on the most challenging days.


Enjoy fresh, exciting stories read by the author, a selection of meditation techniques, breathing exercises, mantra repetitions, hatha yoga poses and activities through learning-centred audios, videos and other activities. 


About Shelley


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Shelley Astrof is from Montreal, Canada. She has her Master of Education degree from McGill University, Canada; Doctor of Meditation from Vishwa Unnyayan Samsad, India; Certificate of Advanced Studies in Yog Science, Vedant Philosophy, and the Theory and Practice of Meditation from the International Meditation Institute, India. In addition, she was awarded Peace Pioneer from the International Meditation Institute.

She taught elementary school in both the public and private sectors of Montreal and ran a small school in India. During her time at McGill University, she worked on numerous research projects as well as teaching off-campus B.Ed. courses in the James Bay Region of Northern Quebec. In addition, she worked as a tutor on film sets for child actors. 

In the many years she spent studying and teaching meditation and Vedant philosophy, one of her main hobbies was collecting and writing insightful stories for children everywhere.

Her love for children, education, meditation and storytelling has been combined in this unique approach to teaching meditation to children. 

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